Thursday, July 4, 2013

Eroca Nichols & Francesca Pedullà - More than one way to skin a cat

(s)he mops the floor with a dead animal

sparrow has crazy great buttocks
a mole on the left cheek

the woman with the mic
her shoes don't fit    ( not Cinderella & not Dorothy ) 

the shrouded janitor skates
with a hawaiian red cap  
( what suburban archetype is this ? )

there was 
steamy panting
gyrations of every kind

breathy reading 

arms outstretched standing on a plinth

" Death. "

the fans overhead squeak & shudder
along the lawn mower sounds

what a strange pet
what a clever mask

won't you pet her
as she passes you by ?

won't you laugh ? 

how Do we 
lift a cat ? 


it was a good show
i liked everything.

a clever title
unpacked from 1 expression

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