Sunday, February 20, 2011

Workshop with Davide Sportelli (Italy/Berlin)

March 28 to April 1, 10am to 12pm
Dovercourt House, 3rd Floor 
$50 for 5 day workshop or $12 drop in
pre registration strongly encouraged
to pre register email:

Davide Sportelli (Italy, 1976) is a choreographer, performer and movement teacher active in Europe and overseas. After music and theatre, he studied dance in Rome and at the Accademia Isoladanza, Biennale of Venice, with choreographers and pedagogues such as Carolyn Carlson, Malou Airaudo, Raffaella Giordano, Nigel Charnock, Bill T. Jones, Iñaki Azpillaga, Frey Faust, Ivan Wolfe, Susanne Linke, David Zambrano. He has danced for Sasha Waltz, William Forsythe, Caterina Sagna, Ingo Reulecke, Michäel D’Auzon, Giorgio Rossi a.o.  Based in Berlin, he carries out his personal research on performance creation and on the craft of writing, as well as collaborating with sound and visual artists and other young choreographers.

The classes will start with a thorough warm-up, through which we will establish an organic and alive dialogue between our own anatomy and the space. We will focus on gravity, clarity and freedom, aiming for the achievement of a honest and generous physicality, able to deal with different degrees of speed, power, amplitude, accuracy of the movement.
Through the conscious use of weight as the fundamental motor of motion, with a combination of guided explorations and given material, we will work on the connections within the body and with the space.

Body as experience, communication, transformation.
Space as environment, direction, action.
Moving on the thin line between surprise and control, in a game of intentions and reactions, we will try to make our phrasing more organic and intimate, and at the same time able to project and suggest.

Masterclasses with Sarah Chase

Co-presentation with Dreamwalker Dance
The Whole Shebang Community Festival Masterclasses
Dates: March 7-10, 2011 from 10am-1pm daily
Location: Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Road 1st Floor
Fees: $100. Registration with Natasha Frid:

Masterclass Description: Sarah Chase will be teaching a master class in different techniques of combining storytelling and movement. The class will begin with an extensive warm-up, designed particularly to enable to participants to tap into the unique co-ordination necessary to successfully combine spoken word and movement. The class will explore how two lines of concentration - the body and the mind - can weave together in random patterns, creating chords of meaning. The warm-up exercises centre on cross-patterning exercises that Sarah has created or adapted from other sources; the aim of these exercises is to get both sides of the brain bright and alert as the body moves and are very specifically focused on integrating the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
Other parts of the class will concentrate on biography and techniques Sarah has developed to stimulate memory and to find patterns and symbols embedded in biographical stories. The course will give the participants new ways to view their own creative work and will provide practical techniques on how words and movement can cross-pollinate to create unexpected and rich material.

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy V day from the Love-In

banner by Revel and Riot.for more LGBTQ valentines visit

This is the time of year that we celebrate the Love-In's inception.... This year we have been too busy loving and dancing to organize a party but we figure it is not in vain! Thank you to everyone in the community at large for your contributions and supporting what we are trying do to. Fighting the good fight, spreading lots o love and trying to inspire each other to be better in dance and in life. Can't escape the fromage on Valentine's Day!! The Love-In loves you!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

friends doing cool shit

Witness what happens when we go past the point of mental and physical exhaustion. Through a series of weirdo meditation techniques, rockstar ambitions and a willingness to be uncomfortable, Alicia Grant presents an endurance challenge for a constantly changing world.Concept by: Alicia Grant

Created and Performed by: Alicia Grant and Andrea Spaziani

February 16-19, 2011 at 9pm, North Chamber
Evening starts at 8pm