Monday, November 12, 2012

Training Is Creating

It seems that people are talking about training everywhere I go lately... As someone who trains daily as part of my practice as a dance artist, as a training provider through my work with the Love-In and a new teacher myself, I am asking myself many questions all the time about this very large part of my professional life.

How does training feed me artistically? Am I just going through the motions? How can this part of my practice continue to serve my needs as I inch above 30?

After being introduced to the Axis Syllabus and Countertechnique about 3 years ago, I felt very empowered with lots of new insights about my body as well as the realization that how I think can dramatically change how I work and move. I have been thinking about how we train, why we train and am certain that the training we do directly informs the work that we make and how we make it. I came across a great essay (thank you Andrew Hartley) written by Thomas Hauert, artistic director of ZOO company in Brussels. The essay echoes many of the things I had been thinking about and maybe you too... I stole the title of the essay for the heading of this post. You can read the essay here:

Please share your thoughts below or join the Love-In for a lively conversation about this very popular topic on December 2nd at 6pm at El Cafecito Espresso Bar at 3 Westmoreland Ave (north of Bloor, one block west of Dovercourt).

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