Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Here is what is confirmed and coming up in January and February!  Locations are yet to be confirmed but stay posted for updates and more announcements...

To register for any of these workshops email tolove.in@gmail.com

January 17-21, 10am to 12pm 
Axis Syllabus with Kelly Keenan (Montréal)
Dovercourt House third floor- everyday except Wednesday, first floor

Pre-registration only, $60 for 5 classes
These classes are premised on the Axis Syllabus method, inspired by my recent studies on ‘Material for the Spine‘ with Steve Paxton, ‘Anatomy Trains’ with Thomas Myers and my own continued research. Training will focus on falling principles including deceleration/acceleration,reception/propulsion, sequential movement, co-ordination/rhythm, management of extremities, tensional & joint integrity. The objective is to collaborate gracefully and in good health with gravity to maximize kinetic energy, strength, flow and obtain the bliss of walking the line between control and the loss of control.

February 7-11, 10am to 12pm
DR-T (dirty) Floorwork with Michael Watts (Montréal)

Dovercourt House third floor- everyday except Wednesday, first floor

$50 for 5 classes, $12 to drop-in
Class will consist of awakening the senses, improvisation games to help open the mind/body and release work to gently warm the whole system. A series of strength and floor exercises will guide the dancers in finding their relation to the floor and gravity so that they may freely throw their body through space, dive, roll and recover. An important emphasis will be made on the use of hands to move into and out of the floor. Class will end with a combination focusing on the material learned, where dancers will be encouraged to use their raw and primal energies, animalistic qualities, and to break free of form. I AM DANCER HEAR ME ROAR!!! Knee pads are suggested!!

February 28- March 4, 10am to 12pm
Workshop with Marcela Giesche (Berlin/USA)
Dovercourt House third floor

Marcela Giesche (Berlin/USA) studied in dance and choreography at the Rotterdamse Dansacademie (Netherlands) and The Ohio State University and the where she received her BFA. She has performed her own work in the US, Netherlands, Belgium, & Norway, and has worked among others with Bianca Van Dillen/Beppie Blankert (Amsterdam), VA Wölfl (Neuer Tanz - Duesseldorf), and the Italian company Deja Donne (Simone Sandroni).

Pre-registration strongly encouraged! $50 for 5 classes, $12 to drop-in
Class is a combination of dynamic release techniques and floor work, intertwined with improvisational elements designed to open new and unexpected possibilities in the body and mind. Continuous moving, repetition, partner-work, and the use of imagery are used to bring the dancer into a state where the class becomes a journey while thoroughly warming up the physical body. Rather than focusing on specific steps we will work on finding clear geometric energy patterns running through the body, mind and space, which drive and give intention movement. A space-eating, sweeping movement phrase is what finally brings the elements of technique, performance, and improvisation together in a full bodied personal expression. Dance is what happens when we let our imagination run away with our bodies!

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