Sunday, December 19, 2010

Toronto Loves Justine Chambers

photo by Yoann Malnati

Last week we had the pleasure of presenting a week of classes with the lovely and talented, Justine Chambers from Vancouver. The week gave me that, I love dancing feeling.... and it was kind of magical. Thanks to everyone who came out, this felt like our most successful week of classes yet. We were so happy to finish 2010 with such a great week of dancing! Stay tuned for updates for workshops coming up in 2011, the Love-In's birthday party in February and our inaugural Summer Intensive. Details to be released soon!!!

Love to you and yours and Happy Holidays.
the Love-In team

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  1. These classes made me feel like I was falling into grace! Finally. Thank you Love-In and Justine. I had such a fabulous week. It was also such a pleasure to dance with the community and the welcoming, friendly and engages people who fell into that room as well!