Thursday, November 17, 2011

Up next!! Love-In Workshop with Stephen Thompson

December 5 - 9, 10am to 12pm at Dovercourt House
$50/5 classes, $12 to drop-in to register!! Full description below.

Stephen Thompson’s class attempts, negotiates and passes through techniques and tools to assist movers in awakening for the challenges of the day while maintaining individualism (autonomy), honing physical skill, curiosity, well-being and "being" together. The class is aimed towards movers/performers interested to not only prepare their body to “dance” but to sublimate (through redefining, redirecting and refining) our choices. By observing patterns and recognizing a practice we can shift our perspective, expand our vocabulary and augment who we are and what we do. The dynamic of the class is self-administered with guidance to correlate to the needs of the individual. Fundamental principles are accumulative however each day will offer new material.

Stephen Thompson is a dancer/choreographer/pedagogue originally from Calgary, Alberta. His initial experience as a performer started as a competitive figure skater where he competed at the 1998 Olympic Trials. He received a Bachelor of Kinesiology with a minor in Contemporary Dance at the University of Calgary. Stephen has worked as an interpreter, collaborator and co-choreographer with numerous companies and artists across Canada and Europe including Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Nicole Mion, Foundation Jean- Pierre Perrault, Le Groupe de la Place Royale, Production LAPS (Martin BĂ©langer),Par B.L.eux (Benoit Lachambre), Lee Su-Feh, DANS.KIAS (Austria), Fabrice Lambert (France), Fabrice Ramalingom (France), Dick Wong (Hong Kong) and Antonija Livingstone and Jennifer Lacey in Impulstanz festival in Vienna (2009). He has authored several choreographies, This may contain… (2009) ________+ NOW and a little bit before (2007), Garden Variety (2006), Minor Fantasy (2005) and *You aRe HERE has been presented in Montreal OFF.T.A. (2009) and Fluid Festival Calgary. He has taught workshops and classes in Canadian and European schools, communities and Universities.


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