Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fundraiser for the amazing Marjory Smarth

Uniting over one woman’s battle with cancer, an encouraged dance arts community wishes to raise funds for Marjory Smarth, internationally known professional dancer and dance teacher, on August 28. The event will include food for sale, great raffle prizes, and a house dance workshop at Gotta Dance at 3581 Dundas Street West, Toronto, 7PM- 11PM. Suggested donation for the event is 10$.
“We hope Marjory can continue teaching ‘till she’s old and grey- she would continue to give through her talent and spirit,” says ‘Fly Lady Di-‘ Diana Reyes, a former pupil of Marjory’s and the teacher leading the dance workshop at the fundraiser.
For the past two years, Marjory has been battling cancer, and as she lives in the United States, medical care is not cheap. That is why members of the Toronto house and hip hop dance community are being summoned to raise money for this amazing woman. Between cupcake sales and tickets for raffle prizes such as private dance classes, the goal is to raise -either meet or exceed-  $500 for Marjory.
Marjory’s skills, like most early house and hip hop dancers, were taken from the streets and developed in the underground club scene. In the late 1980s, she danced professionally with music artists including Diana Ross, Heavy D and CeCe Peniston, among others. After numerous dance tours, four documentaries and teaching internationally, she is continually considered to be a major figure in the dance and historian communities. Today she enjoys focusing on helping people find their own freedom of expression. 
“I just open the threshold, that’s all,” Marjory says. “They have to find their own eloquence.”

Raffle Prizes Include But Are Not Limited To:
  • Art work by Terrance Es
  • Massage with Ceinwin Gobert
  • Private 60 minute classes from six or more seasoned house and hip hop dancers
  • Music/entry pass for Soul Custody
Hope to see you there!!!

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