Thursday, May 5, 2011

Floorwork(ed) Workshop with Elke Schroeder!!

May 16-18 : 10am to noon
June 13-16: 10am to noon

Monday-Dancemakers, Tuesday and Wednesday-Dovercourt hOuse, 1st floor!

Floorwork(ed) with Elke Schroeder

Practice techniques for getting in and out of the floor with speed and grace. Jump, dive, fly low... Learn how to condition the body to perform these movements safely. A grounding and invigorating dance practice for professional and pre professional dancers.
Floorwork(ed) trailer: 

What to bring?
*danceable sneakers
*long pants and sleeves for sliding

12$ to drop-in or $30 for 3 classes (May) or $40 for 4 classes (June) to register

About Elke:

Elke Schroeder has been training and performing in various disciplines of dance and theatre for over 20 years, and is a graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Ms. Schroeder has performed at fFIDA, the Junction Arts Festival, In a White Room, the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, Equity Showcase Theatre and Nuit Blanche. She has worked with Darryl Tracy, Andrea Nann, Heidi Strauss, Susie Burpee and TILT Sound + Motion and has been teaching her FloorWork(ed) classes for over a year. She continues to dance independently and manages Ahimsa Yoga Centre. Her teaching has been influenced by her s
tudies with Inaki Azpillaga, David Zambrano and Ted Stoffer.

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